FAQs & store policies

Commercial licensing for small shops: All of my files include lifetime commercial licensing for small shops handmaking items with the files. I do not make exceptions or give discounts if you need it for personal use. This makes it easier on the both of us long term in case you ever do decide to sell commercially or in case someone plans to misuse my file intentionally.

Commercial licensing for fabric/transfer/handmade wholesale/manufacturing/POD shops: Please review the official commercial licensing policies! https://hexreject.com/pages/terms-of-use-policy

Terms of Use for files: You are not allowed to resell or alter my files, share my files or file links with anyone who hasn’t purchased them, use my files to create a file of your own, recreate my files, copy my files, trace my files, or resell altered files. You are not allowed permission to upload my files onto any print-on-demand websites unless you have a license and the applicable file type. At this time, you cannnot make wholesale items or clothing with my files unless you have a license and the applicable file type. You can’t mass manufacture items or clothing with my files or send my files to overseas clothing manufacturers unless you have a license and the applicable file type. You cannot sell stickers, embroidered patches, pins or art prints on paper of my files - this right is reserved to me as the artist. 

Shipping: Due to the items being digital products, you will be able to download them immediately after purchase. If you order any customs, my TAT is 2-4 weeks.

Refunds/Exchanges/Returns: Due to the nature of these digital products, I do not accept refunds or exchanges. If you find any issues with your file, send me an email so I can help you.

Why so expensive? I am a professional and the quality speaks for itself. Besides that, I spend hours on each art piece, and a singular file helps with passive income overtime if I resell it as a file. When I do an exclusive for you, I lose all rights to sell my art and my file in any way. When this happens, I charge the same price as an art commission hourly since it cuts into my time to do other commissions.


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